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Introduction: Trimin Forte is a scientifically balanced blend of micro fined trace mineral mixture with probiotics
Composition: Each Kg contains:
Copper 15 g, Iron 80 g, Manganese 100 g, Zinc 80 g, Iodine 2 g, Cobalt 500 mg, Selenium 500 mg,
Chromium 10 mg, Molybdenum 50 mg and Lactobacillus spp. spores with guaranteed total potency of ≥
3 X 105 cfu
Benefits: • Promotes tissue and bone development and integrity
• Promotes development of immunity and improves immune response
• Improves growth production parameters like daily gain and FCR
• Increases saleable meat and egg
• Improves hatchability and breeding efficiency
• Decreases mortality and counteracts stress
Inclusion level: 1000 g er tonne of feed or as recommended by nutritionist
Presentation: 25 kg Drums

Trimin Forte