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What is Rosscid ? Rosscid is the result of many years of research into the antibacterial effects of the blend of organic acids in
proper proportion. It acts primarily in the feed, nevertheless, yield its beneficial effects throughout poultry
gastro-intestinal tract (GIT).
Why are acidifier
essential in
✓ Potential sources of infection: Feed & Water
✓ Low pH in crop (4.5-5.3),proventriculus (2.5-3.5) & gizzard (3.5-4.5) is essential in early life of chicken
for imposing check on pathogens like Coliforms & Streptococci (favourably multiplies above pH 5).
✓ Reduced gastric secretion in early life of chicken is favourable for pathogen multiplication and impair
digestive functions where pepsin is activated in low pH environment in presence of HCl.
✓ High CP %, carbohydrate, fat etc in diet of poultry.
✓ Detrimental effects caused by biogenic amines due to incomplete digestion of protein, wet
droppings due to incomplete digestion of carbohydrate .
Why Organic Acid
Blend ?
✓ Organic acids exert their functions depending on their pKa value (pH at which an acid is 50 %
✓ Acts as antimicrobial agent to pH sensitive microbes in undissociated form (Acid-B);Lowers pH in feed
& water in dissociated form (Acid-A).
✓ Different organic acids possess different anti-microbial properties and capabilities to reduce pH.
✓ The pH of the GIT in poultry varies where low pH predominates in upper GIT(crop proventriculus &
gizzard) and higher pH in lower GIT.
✓ High buffering capacity/B-value of poultry feed owing to high soybean, LSP, DCP etc. content.
✓ Ideal combination of organic acidifiers will ensure both action in gut and feed; Additionally, the pKa
differences in organic acid can be exploited to facilitate uniform action throughout GIT.
Composition Formic acid, Propionic acid, Acetic acid, Butyric acid, Lactic acid, Benzoic acid, Citric acid, Tartaric acid in
buffered base and Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS)
Salient features Exert action throughout GIT
Decrease ammonia and toxin amine production
Ideal combination of SCFA & MCFA with wide range of pKa values
Additionally prebiotic and toxin binder ensures improved gut integrity, maintenance of gut microflora and
improves overall growth performance
Inclusion level Grower/Broiler: 1 Kg per tonne of feed; Pre-starter/Layer/Breeder : 2 -3 Kg per tonne of feed
Presentation 25 kg Drum