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Blend of essential oil offering natural solution to respiratory problems and lower gut integrity
Why Essential Oil
Blend ?
• Ban on antibiotics coming down the pipeline
• Emergence of resistant bacterial strains
• Unavailability of effective & economical chemotherapeutic agents
• Increasing consumer consciousness on antibiotic residue in livestock products

Eucalyptus, Menthol, Ajwain, Pine, Camphot, Thyme and Oregano essential oil

Bronchodilator & Spasmolytic
Anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory
Positive impact on growth performance parameters like BWG & FCR (Technical Research Report available
on request)
Synergistic response in combination with fluoroquinolone antibiotics e.g. Enrofloxacin
Maintains lower gut integrity
Drinking water: 1 ml per 5 litre water twice daily throughout starter/grower phase in combination with
organic acid; Spraying: 10-15 ml per litre water in total 3 litre of water for 1000 birds twice daily
throughout X 3 days

250 ml, 500 ml & 1 L pack

Respite DX