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Processing of textile materials involves the use of diverse types of chemicals to perform various functions. For successful wet processing operation different chemicals play an important role. Also some of the chemicals are additionally added during processing to improve overall textile process.

Zycol TSA Liq. is a versatile product which is used as a trouble shooting aid during processing. It acts synergistically with the nonionic surfactants to alter their cloud point and thus increase the optimal range of effective detergency. Zycol TSA Liquid disperses insoluble inorganic salts of calcium and sequesters hardness ions and heavy metal ions, hence prevents quality problems in pretreatment and dyeing.

In dyeing, stability of dye bath is important parameter as it affects dyeing process. Since Zycol TSA Liq. has very high dispersion properties, it is recommended to add in a dyeing bath where dispersion stability is the issue. It also has a synergistic effect in washing off of reactive dyes during soaping.

Terry towel is a fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water. Towels are the most used textile structures in water related usage of terry-woven fabrics. Pilling usually occurs on towels that are made from short fibers, which break easily and continually throughout the life of the towel.

Zycol TSA liquid being a good dispersant produces quick flocculation ensuring effective fluff removal during biopolishing. During terry towel biopolishing, Zycol TSA Liquid helps to keep lint in disperse form and avoids its redeposition on towel.

Other key features are as follows

  • Effective booster for scouring & desizing chemicals
  • A good dyebath conditioner to control the precipitate formed due to various impurities in the dye bath
  • High threshold on hardness formers e.g ca & mg carbonates
  • Stabilizes pigment,indigo,sulphur dyeing baths leading to improved yields
  • Excellent soil suspension & dirt removal
  • Very high dispersion
  • Improves solubility & compatibility of various chemicals
  • Prevents deposition of scales of Ca & Mg salts on fabric & equipment
  • Improves dyestuff solubility
  • Ecofriendly
 Zycol TSA Liquid