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Most fabrics containing natural cotton fibres have tiny, loose or protruding yarns dotted over their surface, giving them a fuzzy texture. Biopolishing removes projecting fibres to improve the texture and appearance of fabrics. This not only creates a smoother fabric with resistance to pilling, but also improves softness, luster and drape. Cellulase enzymes have the ability to degrade cellulose. They partially digest excess and protruding yarns, loosening them from the fabric. Enzyme action takes place preferentially on the surface. Where cleavage of cellulose chain occurs, Microfibrils, which are loose fibres break off under the influence of bio-catalytic degradation and results in better mechanism or modify the surface of the fabric.

Most cellulases will only operate effectively across a very narrow, acidic pH range. Even very small differences in pH can alter the performance and effect of the enzymes.

Neutrox MKL Liquid, is an easy-to-use, fast-acting cellulase specially developed to improve Biopolishing in the textile industry. Neutrox MKL Liquid is unique in that it allows Biopolishing under neutral conditions.


  • Hydrolyses the cellulose on the surface of the fabric
  • Imparts soft feel to the garment
  • Its high crystalline type activity cuts good amount of cotton fuzz giving good luster and clean surface to the fabric
  • Improves drapability of the garments
  • Operates at 55-60C temperature and pH 6.5-7.0
  • Ecofriendly operation
Neutrox MKL Liquid