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Introduction: Maxizyme EX is a powerful and rich blend of NSP-degrading enzymes, protease, phytase and probiotics. It
helps in complete utilisation of nutrients by efficiently breaking the nutrient encapsulating effect of NSPs,
thereby improving digestibility of protein, starch, oil, NSPs and increase availability of P, Ca and other mono-
&-divalent cations, amino acids from the phytate complex . The unique formulation of Maxizyme EX
improves digestion & absorption of complex nutrients mediated by the synergistic effect of probiotic and
highly active cocktail enzymes, thereby prevents feedback inhibition effect on enzymes. This further
potentiates enzyme efficacy. Furthermore, better digestion and absorption by Maxizyme EX helps in
managing feed cost effectively.

Composition with
salient features:
Carbohydrase Protease Phytase Other enzymes Probiotics
High concentration
of NSP degrading
Predominantly alkaline
protease with
optimum proportion
of acid and neutral
Phytase activity
upto 625 FTU/kg in
combination with
enzymes ensure
better nutrient
sparing effect
Alpha amylase
improves starch
High concentration
of beneficial
microbial strains
upto 6 x 109 cfu/g
ensures healthy gut
Optimum blend of
carbohydrases for
corn-soya and low
nutrient profile diet
Optimises amino acid
Lipase improves
fat digestion
Conserves energy
for better ROI

• Offers the liberty to go for unconventional sources of energy & protein (multiple ingredient feed
• Increases availability of entrapped carbohydrate, fat & protein
• Eliminates nutrient encapsulating effect of NSPs and breaks them into soluble sugars
• Increases availability of P, Ca, other divalent cations & amino acids
• Reduces digesta viscosity
• Reduces feed passage time in gut
• Maintains gut health and intestinal homeostasis
• Optimises the activity of endogenous digestive enzymes
Feed Matrix:

• Improves feed matrix of AME by 90 – 100 kcal
• Improves feed matrix of protein upto 2%
• Improves feed matrix of digestible amino acid e.g. Dig. Lysine by 5%
• Improves feed matrix of P & Ca by 0.1% & 0.12% respectively
(The nutrient equivalence of Maxizyme EX has been validated by scientific trial for energy, protein, P and
amino acid sparing effects on broilers; Technical Research Report available on request)
ROI in layers:

Cumulative data from field trials on layers has shown improvement in feed efficiency by 4.5 g/bird/day
throughout entire laying phase. Net Profit/Bird from placement to liquidation = Rs 24.50 (Full data available
on request)
Inclusion level:

250 gm/tonne of feed

25 kg Drum

Maxizyme EX