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The purpose of desizing is to remove the starches used in sizing by converting them to water-soluble degradation products such as dextrins and glucose without degrading the cellulose. Grey fabrics are almost water-repellent and will not easily take up the desizing solution. Moreover, starch which is the main ingredient in desizing, is not easily accessible to desizing chemicals or enzymes. Therefore you need a good wetting agent which will facilitate desizing and pretreatment as well. A good wetting agent used in pretreatment like desizing should have good penetration, dirt extracting properties to ensure the removal of size, non cellulosic impurities from the textile material. Non foaming wetting agents/detergents will be an added an advantages.

Kleenox SPF Spl Liquid removes size degradation products and emulsifies oils and fats. It is a non foaming product hence suitable for high turbulance machines such as JET, soft flow, winch and package machine. Also suitable for continuous bleaching machines and other pad application.


  • High efficacy at lower dosages
  • APEO free
  • Excellent oil and wax emulsifying properties
  • High wetting action coupled with detergent properties
  • Suitable in enzymatic desizing
  • Increases tegawa rating
  • Suitable for jet, soft flows and drum washing machines,CBR’s as a scouring and wetting agent
Kleenox SPF Spl. Liquid