Each type of dyestuff is applied to textile materials under specific conditions. In order to get satisfactory results in dyeing, textile auxiliaries are invariably employed. The use of particular auxiliary in dyeing will depend upon the dyestuff and also on the type of fibre. Direct and reactive dyes possess poorer wet fastness properties, but they still continue to be used due to their ease of application and other properties.

In case of direct and reactive dyes, which have poor wet fastness it is necessary to treat dyed material with a cationic dye fixing agent to avoid further washing off of the dyestuff from the dyed material. It is a practice to treat the dyed material with a cationic dye fixing agent. Cationic dye fixing agents are which unite with the dye anion producing a new substance of greater molecular complexity and less water solubility with better wash fastness.

Hifix Gold Plus Liquid is a multifunctional dye fixing agent which attached with two or more dye molecules and forms a complex. So solubility of dye decreases and increases its molecular size which results in improvement of fastness properties.


  • High efficiency
  • Improves both wet and perspiration fastness of direct/reactive dyes
  • Has minimal effect on the light fastness
  • Produces good fixation with little change in final shade of the dyeings
  • Formaldehyde free